A message from Dr. Marc Gafni to our community, on April 7:

We are filled with joy and delight in writing to you. As I have often shared with you, “we cry out of one side of our mouths and we laugh out of the other side.

We are moved more than we ever have been – at the depth, beauty and utter necessity of the dharma.

I have been sharing with you beloveds, for several years about the threat of catastrophic risk [like a pandemic] and existential risk and why a new vision of the human being and humanity is the most essential response.

Now we can grasp this  -sadly – in an entirely new way. We live not only in a time between worlds, but we are also in a time between stories. It is only a new story that will take us to the next step.
In this time between worlds and time between stories, our gathering in August is more important than it ever was before.
We are coming together to explode in joy, to laugh out of one side of our mouth and to cry out of the other – and most profoundly – to participate together in the evolution of love, in telling the new story – in being the new story.

Perhaps the most important lines in the dharma at this very moment are: “We live in a world of outrageous pain, the only response to outrageous pain is outrageous love”. We cannot retreat into our small egocentric worlds. We are one love and one world and one heart. Let each of us commit our outrageous acts of love that the world needs so deeply.  But there is another line in the dharma which remains true even in the midst of outrageous pain. “We live in a world of outrageous beauty. The only response to Outrageous beauty is outrageous love”.

Now, more than ever, to telling the new story, to bringing the dharma of outrageous love, Homo Amor, True Self, Unique Self, Pleasure, and Desire.  To the world via the Outrageous Love Festival. We are happening. We hope and pray that we will be in person but whatever happens we are DOING THIS FESTIVAL TOGETHER. FOR THE SAKE OF THE EVOLUTION OF LOVE.