Outrageous Love Facilitators 

Meet our dedicated team of Outrageous Love experts, who, alongside with Dr. Marc Gafni, are dedicated to guiding you on your path of embodying these life-transforming teachings . We are happy to introduce them to you:


Dr. Marc Gafni

Krista Josepha Steenbergen


Shimon Lev Tahor


Dr. Kristina Kincaid

Claire Molinard

Chahat Aden Corten


Kristina Tahel Amelong


David Cicerchi


Rob van der Loo


Kerstin Zohar Tuschik

James Bampfield

Micky Masset

"The Only response is Outrageous Love"

Living in a world of outrageous pain the only answer is Outrageous Love. By now doing acts of Outrageous Love, I make my and other people’s life so much brighter. It’s an honour to be a human being who can love outrageously.

– Suzanne

"It Changed My Life"

What happened inside of me, and in my life as a result of my participation in the Mystery School of Love is just unbelievable. It changed my life. More depth, more light. Deeper connection with others. More presence. Finding back the feeling of joy and aliveness of my childhood. Stepping back into my own power.

– Philippe

"Outrageously Inspiring"

For me this Summer Festival of Love was outrageously inspiring. The teachings, the workshops and exercises, everything builds up to having a deep understanding and experience of lines and circles and how it feels like and how the line and circle help to support your Unique Self to be part of a Unique Self Symphony. I felt so held and so much love and I now feel really inspired to ‘send’ this into the world and into the whole universe.

– Haydee

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