Chahat Corten

Chahat Aden Corten

Chahat Aden Corten (1955) was one of the founding members of an internationally acclaimed Dutch community and retreat centre dedicated to heart-based living, personal growth and spirituality. From its beginnings in 1988, she stood with her late life partner Ted Wilson in holding together and developing this dynamic, experimental, on-the-edge organization.

Thoroughly cooked in the complexities of intentional communal living, Chahat blends penetrating wisdom in the realms of relating, intimacy and sacred sexuality with gentle compassion, holy laughter and ecstatic creativity.

In her wondrous life journey, she has had the privilege to meet and study with numerous great spiritual teachers from all over the world. All these doorways into the miracle of our existence have shaped her unique realization of emptiness and fullness, wisdom and love, culminating in her deep, wide open heart.

Chahat supports individuals and couples who seek her out for her wise and deeply human perspective on all areas of life. One of Chahat’s greatest skills is supporting people to find ways to implement spiritual practice in their daily lives – the only place where our practice really gets challenged and can be seen for what it is!

“In meeting Marc Gafni in 2010, a total new layer of Love opened up within me. His transmission allowed me to access a realization of Truth that had been unfolding and deepening in me for years, in a new, most tender and intimate way. As one of Marc’s teachers would say: ‘Embodied in my toe nails.’ Working with Marc and our awesome team in the Festival of Love is my great joy and delight.”

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