Dr. Marc Gafni about the need for Mystery Schools

[Below is a lightly edited transcript of the video invitation above. Thus, the style of the piece is spoken word and not a written language.]

I am so delighted to be here in this moment in history, which is a time between stories and a time between worlds, to welcome you to Mystery School.

Now, Mystery School is not a new technology. Mystery School is sourced, in ancient civilizations and in both traditional societies and in the modern society that created all that emerged from the Renaissance, the forces that actually created the Renaissance itself— all of these societies were formed by Mystery Schools.

It wasn’t public universities, which barely existed.

It wasn’t governments with all of their politics and conflicts. 

Rather, it was Mystery Schools.

The Mystery School is a place where we come together to experience the future. In our heart, in our mind and in the pulsing movements of the body — in the body’s urgency, in the body’s quivering tenderness, in the mind’s urgency, and in the quivering tenderness of the mind, if you will, in the heart’s urgency and in the quivering tenderness of the heart – we come together in the Mystery School to experience the future.

What a Mystery School does is access a memory of the future: heart, body, and mind.

  • In the Mystery School your future self calls you.
  • In the Mystery School the future self of culture, of society, of our global civilization, calls to us. 

And we come to Mystery School always because we understand that we want to, we need to be more.  

We want to love more,
we want to feel more,
we want to know more.

We want to be more intimate and more creative and more alive and more kind and more ecstatically urgent and more deep and profound.

We come together because there’s none of us who haven’t experienced a crisis, and our crisis is a birth.

  • Our crisis in our personal lives is the evolutionary driver that has the possibility to potentiate our new potential, to birth our new possibility.

In Mystery School, we understand that the Divine, Source, is the possibility of possibility.

In Mystery School, we understand that the very source energy of evolution —animated by Eros — that exploded in the Big Bang, is literally inherent in us waiting to emerge, waiting to potentiate our future.

But at this moment in time, Mystery School is different than it’s ever been in history because we’re in a different moment.

We’re in this moment in which exponential technologies, weaponized structures, have the capacity to literally bring about the end of humanity as we know it.

We’re faced with existential risk on ten or twelve different fronts, catastrophic risk on six or seven different fronts.

And risks of two forms, the possible death of humanity as we know it ­– collapse, stagnation, or actually extinction – or the potential death of our humanity, when what we understand in our most noble and profound knowing of what we understand to be a human being no longer exists.

Because it’s been superseded by a techno-feudalism, by a technological super structure, which upgrades algorithms and downgrades human beings.

So the technology of Mystery School that formed every momentous leap in evolution, within culture — where people would come together in a Mystery School and they would think the new thoughts and be the new feeling, and actually bring down into the personal and into the collective a memory of the future — is now utterly urgent, radically joyful, ecstatically privileged and necessary.

This is the moment in which we realize that the most personal is the most Kosmic; the most personal is the most global.

This is the moment in which we both step into our personal lives and commit to our own transformation in a way that we never have before.

But we also understand that our transformation must participate in the transformation of the whole.

So the Mystery School is ecstatically urgent. It’s a field of Evolutionary Love, of Outrageous Love. It’s a field of joy.

It’s a field of unimaginable transformation in which you actually go on a journey into the interior face of Kosmos and the interior face of your own being.

It’s the ultimate psychedelic mystery experience, if you will. 

But it’s political and it’s social and economic and spiritual, and embodied, and we touch on the erotic and the holy.

It’s all there.

This is Mystery School. This is what birthed the Renaissance. It’s what birthed the best of ancient Greece and ancient China, the best of Russia at its most potent moments.

The Mystery School.

This is where you take your seat and become the hero of your own life. Even as you take your seat at the table of history.

Here’s what we’re going to be doing in our 5 days together.

We’re going to be doing one hour of study and then one hour of music and dance, and then another hour of exercise and practice, and then another hour of deep dive into ancient texts, and then music and dance again.

And then, then we’re gonna raise our glasses. Salute, right?

And it’s gonna be this virtual feast, imagine Plato’s Symposium. We’re going to gather around the table. It’s not gonna be like any other seminar you’ve ever been at. We’re going to be gathered around the table. Food and wine and drink and dance and music, and the Gods and Goddesses are gonna dance with us, as we plunge into the senses of mind, and the senses of heart and the embodied senses of Reality.

Awake and alive, the leading edge of evolution, yearning to articulate the one great hope that we have:

Hope is a memory of the future.

Let’s do this together.

— Dr. Marc Gafni

Eros Mystery School

21-25 August, 2023

Belgium, Europe
(online participation possible!)

This summer, a hundred of r/evolutionary mystics will gather in Belgium to study and practice these teachings, with Dr. Marc Gafni and our whole team of seasoned practitioners. Last year our castle was fully booked, so if you have been standing on the fence, wait no longer!