What is a mystery school?

It’s one thing to ponder

The great mystery:

What are we here for

Why is the world as it is.

But a school?

What is there to learn

In the face of this mystery?

What facts or ideas are there

To snatch from the unknown?

As we gather the first night

It begins to emerge

There is no dogma to master

No guru to follow

Marc is the teacher

But also on the same journey

Together we reach

For the inside of the inside.

At times tender

At times fierce

He gives up authority

To insist on self-authorship

The art of conducting

A symphony

Even with

Such real attainment

He remains a lifetime devotee

Pouring clarity


Bowing before the mystery

Always a student

Of the goddess

He calls She

The Shekinah

Of the Solomon  lineage

Which stretches from ancient times

To this very moment

Deepened by Marc

Who integrates

as Solomon


All of the wonder, the mystery

The interior and exterior sciences

Evolution and eternity

Into a coherent story of value

A shared grammar of value


In response to the meta crsis.

Most of us

Are not raised

In  the Hebrew

Or the Sanskrit

Or the other langagues

That we learn to sing

We are finding what it is

To be a mystic

Of any tradition

Or no tradition.

There are Buddhists here

And Christians and Jews

Avowed atheist and agnostics

But most had given up

On those old paths

Caught as they are

In rote rules and tired rituals

Or dogmas of denial

That have lost their meaning

At least for us.

Yet the core of their insight remains

There practices need to be reclaimed says Gafni

At a higher level of consciousness

We need the heiros gamos

The intimate communion

The integration

Of rapture and responsibility

Intimacy and obligation

Which Gafni repeats again and again

Can never be split

That there is a force in us

And beyond us

That gives us back our lives

If we can find it

And find what is in us

That blocks it

And keeps us separate

From each other

Even from those we most want

To love

And certainly from those

We don’t.

What does it mean to surrender

To that force of love

In a group of others who understand

Something of this resistance


This desire to remain apart

In what feels like safety

But is really a kind of loneliness

That we are so used to

We hardly notice it

There is always something at hand

To keep it at bay

One of life’s endless distractions

To which we turn

And which so many are eager

To sell.

Love is often spoken of

And so hard to truly honor

There are many reasons to hate

And to judge

Some of them justified

Most of them not

Either way we pump them out

Like fumes from a factory

Toxic and deadly

We need each other

To find a different path

Under our feet

We are dancing our way

To a kind of ecstasy.

Even those who find that ecstasy

A little over the top

Join in

When Marc insists we blow

The gates open

“What gates is he talking about?”

Someone asks me

And we laugh

Peering through the mists

Looking for those gates.

But they aren’t up above somewhere

Or out there

They are

The gates of the heart

Yours, mine.

Marc has been through a lot

Occasionally you see the scars

Mostly you don’t

Mostly what you see is devotion

To opening the heart

His, ours

Sally Kempton called him a heart master

And she would know

In their deep friendship of more than 20 years

He taught her more about love, she said

Than anyone else.

I would say that as well.

The mystery of love

The great Eros

Drawn down from the great mystery

We all feel

However hidden from us

There is something to study

There is something to learn

There are truths and there is evidence

But in the end we bow

Amid laughter and tears

Because there is no other way to know

How deeply it matters

That we are here.

September 1, 2023

Eros Mystery School

21-25 August, 2023

Belgium, Europe
(online participation possible!)

This summer, a hundred of r/evolutionary mystics will gather in Belgium to study and practice these teachings, with Dr. Marc Gafni and our whole team of seasoned practitioners. Last year our castle was fully booked, so if you have been standing on the fence, wait no longer!