An early excerpt from Dr. Marc Gafni and Barbara Marx Hubbard’s forthcoming book, The Universe: A Love Story; The Next Step in the Evolution of Love 

The Motive Force of Evolution: The Evolution of Love

The universe is part of a larger self-organizing universe—a self-actualizing Kosmos—that moves nonrandomly from the dazzlingly complex beauty of mud to the sublime beauty of Mozart, from bacteria to Bach, and from dirt to Shakespeare. (…) The methodology of evolution at times deploys randomness, but the structure of reality and the arc of evolution is nonrandom at its very core.

To realize rapture, one has but to contemplate a simple bacteria like E. coli with its thousands of allured movements toward ever-changing configurations of intimacy—chemical reactions—taking place every second. One must contemplate the dazzling dance of precise configurations of intimacy that is mitosis and meiosis, the chlorophyll molecule, or the microbiome. To then begin to contemplate the yearning movement of Kosmos—what we call evolution—toward ever-deeper consciousness and intimacy, expressed in myriad lines of cosmological, biological, and cultural evolution—including social, technological, aesthetic, and spiritual lines of development, and so much more—is to explode into an ecstasy of amazement that shatters the dogmas of human hubris, in which we claim to be the first instantiations of Conscious Evolution.


It would seem at best blindly dogmatic to religiously declare this universe unconscious. Rather, by Conscious Evolution, we mean that, at this moment in history, we are becoming aware that the process of evolution is taking place within us as human beings. Evolution happens in us, as us, and through us. We awaken as Conscious Evolution. We become aware of the entire evolutionary process which came before us and of which we are an expression. We understand, not intellectually but as our core emergent identity, that we are a unique emergence of the Evolutionary Eros, the LoveDesire, LoveBeauty, and LoveIntelligence that allures and animates the evolutionary spiral of unfolding from no-thing to matter to life to the self-reflective human mind.


The interior sciences as disclosed in the great wisdom traditions meet the exterior science of evolution. Evolutionary science is then joined by systems, chaos, and complexity theory, coupled with the new physics and the new biology. These are integrated with the many varieties of developmental theories. What emerges from the synergistic mix of allured ideas in the communion of Eros is no less than a New Universe Story. (…)


Evolution becomes conscious of itself—in a new way—through us. We ourselves, through our lives, decisions, and loves, are the leading edge of evolution on this planet. The force of evolution is becoming conscious of itself in us. Or said differently, we are becoming conscious of our identity as the leading edge of evolution itself. To awaken as Conscious Evolutionaries, we must articulate and internalize the New Universe Story—the best take on Reality we have—the Universe: A Love Story. 


The emergence of Conscious Evolution is an expression of the evolution of love. For it is love, or Eros, which drives the whole process. Conscious Evolution is not simply the human awareness that evolution is taking place through us. This intellectual awareness is true but partial and by itself sterile in its transformative potential. This limited expression of Conscious Evolution does not take into account the implications, personal and Kosmic, of what physicist David Bohm referred to as the “strong suggestion” of the sciences. Rather, for Conscious Evolution, itself an expression of the Universe: A Love Story, to become truly conscious, it must integrate the wider and deeper reality of the Intimate Universe and the Universe: A Love Story.


The gathering together of the new data and what David Bohm called “in-formation” to embrace reality in a wider Integral Eros is driven by the same love that moves the sun and other stars. The New Story is the fierce and gentle persuasion of love, driving itself and moving toward its own ever-higher, wider, and deeper expressions. The evolution of love is the direction of Kosmos, the hidden impulse of the Evolutionary Eros, which itself is the impulse of our very own lives. It is the ever-more wondrous unfoldings of Eros itself, moved by itself toward ever-more good, true, and beautiful expressions of its own nature.

This summer, a hundred of us will gather in Belgium to study and practice these teachings, with Dr. Marc Gafni and our whole team of seasoned practitioners. As countries are slowly re-opening, we expect to be filling up quicky now, so if you have been standing on the fence, wait no longer!