Are you ready to participate in the Evolution of Love? Do you actively want to contribute to spreading the Love that creates our universe? Are you willing to invite your peers – private and business alike – to join the revolution that creates a new source code for the next century? Do you know someone that could use some self-transformation, does not seem to find the true purpose of life, or simply will feel totally at home in our heart-opening community?

Below you find just the right tools for sharing the Love with your friends, partner and business relations. Thank you for being an Outrageous Love Ambassador, from everyone at the Mystery School of Love!

Right-click on an image or video to save it to your desktop, then share it through the social network of your preference. For the videos, simply hit the Share arrow in the top right corner and use the link that pops up.

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Outrageous Love is the essence of Life itself, it is the Field that animates and initiates all of Reality, all the time.