Kristina Tahel Amelong


Kristina Tahel Amelong

Kristina Tahel Amelong has studied with Dr. Marc Gafni since April 2017 and has served on the Board of the Center for Integral Wisdom since February of 2018. She is the Co-Executive Producer of One Mountain, Many Paths.

Kristina discovered evolutionary spirituality through the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard in October 2015 and instantly fell in love with the framework of conscious evolution as a path of spiritual activism as the concepts mirror her personal path of awakening. In 2017/2018, she taught a weekly writing course for Barbara working with her book, 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution. Since 2020, Kristina has held a weekly gathering, Writing to the Evolutionary Love Codes, using the dharma of Cosmoerotic Humanism.

Kristina’s spiritual practices are dharmic study and living, shadow work, contemplative writing, contemplative photography, and outrageous love letters.

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