Summer Festival of Love

In a recent letter to the late Barbara Marx Hubbard, the Grand Dame of Evolution who passed away last week, Dr Marc Gafni wrote the following:

“Evolution must become revolution. The New story – “evolving the very source code of evolution” – is not only possible but urgently necessary as we stand between dystopia and utopia.”

But what is that New story and why is it urgently necessary?

Today, unlike any other time in history, humanity is facing the genuine possibility of its own extinction. Our biggest challenge, as a species, in addressing this existential risk is to articulate a new narrative story about Reality, who we are as a species, and about the nature of Reality. We need a narrative that can catalyze a new way forward through birthing a new consciousness.

Dystopia versus Utopia

In his best-seller book Homo Deus, Israeli writer and historian Yuval Harari describes a dystopian world that has become divided into two camps. On the one side, there are the wealthy, who bio-hack their ways to different forms of immortality and possibility. On the other side, billions of other people – whose jobs have been replaced by automation – are left behind because they can’t afford the steep financial price of bio-hacking their way to immortality.

As Marc says: “We are standing between Dystopia and Utopia.”. Which way we will go depends on the emergence of a new level of consciousness, a new narrative of identity that we call Unique Self*, or Homo Amore*, both terms being core terms of the Unique Self theory and Cosmo Erotic Humanism as developed by Marc Gafni.

Our awakening to Unique Self and Homo Amore is the answer

Unique Self and Homo Amore are our response to the dystopian world that Yuval Harari’s describes in his book. Homo Amore is the human being that has awakened to the Outrageous Love* that lives in all of us, as us, and through us.

“Our crisis is a new birth.”, Barbara used to say. Whether we will make it or not as a species, depends on the evolution of Love.

In an inspired talk he gave last January in Amsterdam, Dr Marc Gafni shared his vision of humanity’s possible future. A vision that restores the dignity of our human nature, by placing humanity’s condition within the broader context of an Intimate Universe, in which Man is an intricate part of a larger whole. Listen to an excerpt here:

Homo Amore and Unique Self are at the very fundament of the new story we must tell, as an answer to today’s crisis. Each one of us is personally implicated in this new story.

Come and join us this Summer at the 7th edition of the Summer Festival of Love and learn how your story is also a part of the larger “Universe Love Story”.

* All terms marked with an asterisk are terms in the Unique Self theory and/or Cosmo Erotic Humanism theory as developed by Dr Marc Gafni.

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