Summer Festival of Love

You + The Universe
A Love Story

“The Universe is not a fact; it’s a story
Not an ordinary Story, but a Love Story
Not an ordinary Love Story, but an Outrageous Love Story
And YOU, are Chapter and Verse in that Story”

Dr Marc Gafni

These lines represent, in a nutshell, the core of what we will be diving into this summer, with Dr. Marc Gafni at the 9th Outrageous Love Festival.

Humanity today is facing multiple extinction-level crises unprecedented in the history of humankind. Attempts to address these crises focus, for the most part, on technological, scientific, and economic solutions to sustain life on Earth. We argue that our global crisis, at its root, is a global crisis of intimacy and of identity, and as such, the answers cannot just be exterior but must come from an Interior Revolution.

We call that revolution, the Outrageous Love Revolution. We claim that only an interior revolution at the very core of the narratives that give meaning to our existence, will create changes, that can address the existential risk humanity is facing today.

This summer, as each summer, we will come together to evolve Love. This time, we will do so, by enquiring into a series of questions, each one holding a key for creating a better tomorrow. With the guidance of Dr. Marc Gafni, who has been working relentlessly for the last 3 decades on articulating the memes for this new Universe Love story, we will explore how, while the Universe love Story is not a localized human love story, all localized human love stories are expressions—chapter and verse—in it.

This is what we mean, in our title, for this summer’s theme:

You + The Universe = A Love Story

In order to tell that Story, we will explore new narratives of intimacy and identity, as well as narratives of community and power. Each of these narratives ask an essential question and holds a key to creating a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

– Where Are We?

Through this question, we will unfold what we mean by an Intimate Universe. At the core, of this narrative, we have the notion that Love is not just a human emotion, but it is the Evolutionary force, the Outrageous Love and Eros that lives at the heart of existence itself.

– Who Are We (Who am I?, Who are you?)

This is the question of our identity, through which we will unfold the Unique Self narrative.
At the core of the Unique Self premise, is the realization of our irreducible uniqueness within the greater field of being and becoming, as a unique expression of the seamless coat of the universe.
Through these questions and more, we will unfold a world in which Eros, Outrageous Love, Evolution, and Unique Self together will be weaved into a memory of our future, a vision of the New Human and the New Humanity which are at the core of all of our Festivals with Dr Marc Gafni.

Join us this summer and discover how your life is chapter and verse in the Universe: A Love Story, the Intimate Universe, the only story that can respond to the “second shock” of existence—which is not the personal death of the individual human, but the death of humanity.

Are you willing to participate in the Evolution of Love?

Join the Revolution