Veronica Verhees & Petrus Ruys

Veronica Verhees & Petrus Ruys

Veronica Verhees & Petrus Ruys

Veronica Verhees:

I have been practicing Qigong in a passionately for five years.

It gives me a lot: It gives me a relaxation of body and mind,  a flowing energy and more and more body consciousness. It brings me home, in my body and that enriches my life so much.  It’s one big discovery about observing, experiencing and becoming aware. It also makes my body more flexible, energetic and strong.

Since one year I am teaching it. And I love it!!! For many years I have been searching and searching: what is my mission in life, what are my qualities, what’s my contribution in life?  A lot of questions….and now …there are no more questions left. There is just one answer in my body: YES!

I feel connected to the silence, to the emptiness and the fullness. I feel fulfilled.  Since the beginning of this year I started online ‘lunchbreak qigong’, 5 days a week from 13.00 – 13.30 h. It’s so great to do that and to experience how enthusiastic the participants are. To my surprise they are coming back everyday, they ‘offer’ the lunchbreak to our Qigong. How great is that?!  I am doing this together with Petrus, my partner. It’s a wonderful thing in our life. I am dreaming about offering it to the world.

I feel very honored to offer Qigong during this outrageous love festival. Petrus and I will make a beautiful and balanced program so that we can give you a good taste of the Qigong that brings us so much.  We will offer you a couple of simple exercises and a good guidance to relax your body and mind and the experience of coming home  in your body. The repetition of the movements will allow you to dive into body awareness and clarity. The exercises are excellent to practice at home.

Petrus Ruys:

Until I experienced Qigong in the Mondo Zen retreats from my beloved and just passed away teacher Roshi Jun Po Dennis Kelly, my practice was and still is Zen meditation. The combination of Qi Gong meditation and sitting meditation is a great one, it deepens and it integrates my practice. It gives the opportunity to extend my meditation in silence to meditation in the movements of energy. The answer to my question: how can I bring my meditation practice into daily life more effectively? Qi Gong!

Together with emotional body work it has become my life saver: this old Chinese practice provides consciousness and flow of energy from the heart.

Teaching qigong helps me to master this practice deeper and deeper. It gives me joy and clarity and it helps my body to flow in energy, in a light and gentle way. I like to show you together with Veronica my enthusiasm for this deep and compassionate practice. Hope to meet you during the festival in a flow of energy. The Qi Gong will help us to integrate the dharma of outrageous love brought by Dr. Marc Gafni.

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