Henriette Versteijnen

Henriette Versteijnen

At this year’s Summer Festival of Love, you’ll meet Henriette among others in the Garden of Eden, an exploration of innocence, intimacy and desire.

Henriette is a coach and Tantrica, Shiatsu and Kasmir therapist, besides being a GGZ therapist and sexologist at the municipality of Amstelveen, the Netherlands. She studied Comparative Religions, has a wide interest in people and a radar for shame, guilt and taboos keeping people from flourishing. She followed the Unique Self coaching programme by Claire Molinard and Barbara Alexander in 2016. Henriette has a deep connection with three traditions/teachers, who guide her on the path of consciousness work: Shambhala (tantric Buddhism), Marc Gafni (Mystery school) and Pema Gitama (Wild tantra).

In her coaching practice, Henriette invites people to explore deeper questions, thus empowering them to greater personal and business success. She makes sure that Eros becomes a living substance and that people come to remember what they have lost and how to cherish that again. Furthermore, she speaks at conferences on the topics of sexuality and consciousness.

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