Erik Decolvenaer

Erik Decolvenaer

Erik Decolvenaer

I see myself as a guide and a space holder for personal growth, awareness, healing, and transformation. My mission is to create a safe space where you can open up deeply and flower. To make visible what has been hidden, to let your full potential come online.

I work with individuals, couples, and groups. Together with my partner Greet I guide Couples through Revolutionary Lovers 

My expertise and my experiences: intimacy & sexuality, energetic consciousness work, sexual energy as a gateway to a higher consciousness, spiritual development, shamanic healing, conscious manhood.

In a faraway past I was an engineer and a consultant in the business world. Since 2006 I am fulltime coach, therapist, teacher and bodyworker. I love connecting all these worlds.

Connection is what brings me to this Festival. Men connecting deeper with themselves and with each other. Explore and integrate masculine and feminine energy within themselves and from there connect with women.

Interview with Erik: Click here.

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