Pleasure as your Inner Compass

Pleasure as your Inner Compass

How do you relate to Pleasure? How much of it are you getting in your life? Are you longing for more of it? Or maybe pleasure seems trivial to you? Not quite serious enough?

When’s the last time you even thought about Pleasure in those terms?


For most of us… pleasure feels out of reach

We have an intuition that we should have more of it, and yet, there seems to be a gap between our longing for pleasure, and our ability to get it.

Whether we’re ashamed of it, numb to it or afraid of it, Pleasure remains a mystery for most of us, even as we pursue it in all areas of our life.

What if pleasure became your Inner Compass? – the very Light that guides your life anytime you need guidance?

These two days with Claire and Chahat are not offered as information but as an invitation to recover the fulness and radical aliveness of your Pleasure. It is an experiential journey into the depths and bliss of your Pleasure Being. During this weekend, we’ll engage in practices, body work and teachings that will literally change your ways of relating to pleasure.

Everyone has a pleasure ceiling, a place where we believe that we are not allowed to get more. We’ll explore where and how we’ve blocked pleasure and we’ll learn to find it in ourselves.

Looking forward spending this precious time with you,

Claire Molinard & Chahat Corten

Practical information

Here’s the practical information for this workshop:

  • Dates: 25th and 26th January 2020
  • Price: € 285,- (Early Bird: € 245,- until December, 31th, 2019)
  • Location: WelZijn Amsterdam, De Marron
  • Please arrange your own sleeping accommodation in Amsterdam.
Might you need more information please reach out to Claire or Chahat.

Workshop –
Pleasure as your Inner Compass

€50,- incl. VAT

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