Are you thinking about participating in this year’s Summer Festival of Love? Then here’s a friendly reminder for a unique opportunity to have a taste of the Festival even before it’s happening. Join us in Amsterdam for an evening of connection and deep transformation with Dr Marc Gafni.

January 27th 2019
19.30 -22:00
Price: €25,-

You can experience this evening as an event of its own. Marc will take you on a transformational journey into the concept of Outrageous Love, our theme for the upcoming Summer Festival of Love, next July. Speaking from a field that of heartfulness and intellectual brilliance, Marc will make you aware that you too have the potential to be an Outrageous Lover.

Come and discover how you are contributing to the creation of Reality with your Unique Self. Learn about this dharma that is based on the most profound traditions and yet including the most cutting-edge scientific discoveries and developmental theories. Get a first taste of what it means to be radically alive and help to create a world in which Outrageous Love is the standard.

Do you want to get a sense of what the Festival is about? Or do you want to hang out for just this evening? Whether you are you new to our community, or a long-time friend, don’t miss this opportunity to come together and be immersed in a field of Outrageous Love!

Dr Marc Gafni is a master speaker, a spiritual artist and the prolific writer of eleven books, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment, and his most recent Return to Eros, co-written with Dr Kristina Kincaid. Deeply rooted in his original traditions: Kaballah and Hassidism, Marc has a rare ability to reach his audience from various vantage points and levels of consciousness. His teachings have their own unique ways of penetrating our souls and spirits, of touching our hearts and energising our bodies as well as challenging our minds intellectually.

We hope to welcome you in Amsterdam!

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