Valentine Welcome to Eros Mystery School

 A Valentine Welcome to

Eros Mystery School

21-25 August

Because we love you MADLY we have a special offer this Valentine to join our Outrageous Love R/evolution this summer at our 5-Day Retreat Eros Mystery School.

In this special edition we will devote 5 days to the study and practice of the Phenomonology of Eros: 7 Tastes of Sexing. This deep immersion in what we call ‘A new story of CosmoErotic Humanism’ promises to be the ultimate experience to share with your loved ones.


The special Valentines ticket below will give you

€200,- discount

on the 5 Day retreat in Belgium.

This gift will be available until 1 March 2023. So make sure to get your tickets before the end of the month.

You can also just pre-register to receive this discount. 



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 An Invitation to Fall Madly In Love with ALL of Humanity!

Humanity today is facing multiple extinction-level crises unprecedented in the history of humankind. Attempts to address these crises focus, for the most part, on technological, scientific and economic solutions to sustain life on Earth. We argue that our global crisis, at its root, is a global crisis of intimacy, what Dr. Marc Gafni calls: a Global Intimacy Disorder. As such, the answers cannot just be exterior, but must come from an interior r/evolution.

We call that revolution, the Outrageous Love Revolution. We claim that only an interior revolution at the very core of the narratives that give meaning to our existence, will create changes, that can address the existential risk humanity is facing today.

Valentine’s day is the day where a few people dare to celebrate love a little more! We love a specific group of people a little more on a specific day. We beautifully share our appreciation and love for each other, and we take the time to let others know how much we love them. But it is often limited to our very narrow circle of loved ones.

In the Outrageous Love Revolution we encourage each other to love each other madly every day. As Dr. Marc says: ‘our love lists are too short’, meaning we have exiled love to the mere human sentiment called romantic love.

In order to heal what Dr. Marc calls the “Global Intimacy Disorder” we need to expand our love from ego-centric, to ethno-centric, to world-centric to cosmo-centric intimacy.


We need to activate a global revolution which generates a world in which no one is left outside of the circle.

We need a new narrative of what it means to be a human being and what it means to love. We need a new story for a new human and a new humanity. A shared global story as a context for our diversity. We are calling this new story CosmoErotic Humanism. 

At the core of this new narrative is the notion that Love is not just a human emotion, but it is the Evolutionary force, the Outrageous Love and Eros that lives at the heart of existence itself. 

To practice the embodiment of Outrageous Love at our yearly Mystery School in Europe we have one simple, yet deep and holy pratice: every time we meet each other on the path we ask each other one simple question:

“Do I have permission to fall madly in love with you?” 

Madly. Outrageously! For real. Not romantically per se. Again, we have exiled Love to romantic love, but Love is the force that moves the sun and other stars — as Dante said.

So let’s give each other permission to fall Outrageously in Love with each other! Lets love each other madly! 

Imagine what the world would look like if every person would intrinsically know that “love is not an emotion, love is a perception” and that “to love is to see with God’s eyes”.

To see each other’s Goodness, Truth and Beauty and to fall MADLY in love with each other anew every day.

Let’s begin now.
Let’s share the love.

Be the force of love that creates the more beautiful world we know is possible.

Are you ready to play a larger game and participate in the Evolution of Love?

“The Universe is not a fact; it’s a story
Not an ordinary Story, but a Love Story
Not an ordinary Love Story, but an Outrageous Love Story
And YOU, are Chapter and Verse in that Story”

                                                                                                                                                                              Dr Marc Gafni 


Download The Erotic and the Holy:

Kabbalistic Tantra for Everyday Living

The Erotic and the Holy is a 7.5-hour audio journey that will guide you with sweetness and tenderness toward “being a lover” in every aspect of your life. With his intimate knowledge of Kabbalistic mysticism, Marc Gafni unfolds insight after insight, leading listeners toward a new and profound relationship between pleasure and the spirit. Join him on The Erotic and the Holy as he combines intriguing revelations about the Kabbalah with moving stories from everyday life to guide you into igniting the divine power of the Shekinah in your own world.


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