Every morning of the Festival, after breakfast, we come together for Evolutionary Satsang. Guided by Chahat Corten, this Intimate gathering is embedded deeply within our community. It is an important tool to build our field of Outrageous Love. Come and sit with us and show yourself, where you are in the moment. Everything is welcome. Your story, your questions, your musings on life, something beautiful you want to show us, something difficult that you want to share or if you simply want to be held by the community. We are all on the same path, be it with different details. It doesn’t matter when or where your journey started. It doesn’t matter where you are on the path…. The only thing that matters is that you are willing to bring your offering in the Light of Outrageous Love. So that the Light of Consciousness will shine on all of us and our meeting will reveal its Gift to us as we sit together in Evolutionary Satsang. Watch Chahat tell you more about it in the below video.

Join us in 2024